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Hi! I’m Aadi 

A very good person who likes to socialize and talk with friends. 

Hi I am a 9th Grader and live in Hong Kong. My interests are to read, study, research and practice typing. I also enjoy sailing and physical activities such as PE which is done at the  school and now is being switched to online PE. 


For the last few years, much like the rest of the world, I too have been largely studying from home due to the  restrictions  brought on by the global pandemic. Due to this one of the most critical aspects of students like me which is social interaction, physical wellbeing, camaraderie and interpersonal learning has taken a huge setback. 


This blog is my attempt to reconnect with my friends, family and to whoever lands on this blog, to share my experiences and thoughts with an aim to encourage, support and collaborate to mitigate the isolation due to the pandemic.   

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